How And When to Wear Thong Body Shaper?

thong body shaperWhen it comes to thong body shaper, the question has always been the same – have you accepted the  underwear style yet? Nobody talks about how the style came in and how you should be incorporating the same into your lifestyle. But, yes, just so you know, the thong body shaper wearers have increased in number from the time it was first introduced . More and more people have started to find their comfort in the minimal fabric rather living a boring life with boring clothes.


It does not mean that you stop wearing the conventional styles including men’s briefs or the boxer brief underwear, but it is all about experiencing the various styles that make you look and feel connected with your inner self. Well, thongs do that quite well.


This article talks about the questions how to wear a thong body shaper and when to wear the same for a perfect appeal that men expect from them.


How to wear a thong body shaper? It is not rocket science if you take a closer look at the design of the minimal, skimpy apparel style. All you got to do is:

Consider your outfit:

If you wear the wrong outfit the right thong, you would find yourself adjusting throughout. For example, for your workplace, you need a soft, ample coverage pair that sits low on the waistline with a pouch that covers the best. You need a sporty version of the same that would keep you supported down there.

Consider the season:

This is quite important because if you flip your fabrics in the wrong way, your manhood will suffer the most. The best-suited fabrics would be having something that provides coolness in the hot weather whereas; warmth when it chilly outside and more. If you do choose the right fabrics for yourself, you’ll be in for a comfortable feeling.

Consider the size:

This is the undying aspect that you’d find in every possible write-up that talks about thongs or g-strings or even bikini underwear for men. Talking about thongs body shaper, the right size matters more because if you don’t pay heed to the correct measurement, the fabric will keep sticking in the back and it’ll be more a pain in your ass.

When to wear thong body shapers?

Coming down to the next question, the respective style is not meant for every day (exceptions excluded) and you should take care of the style you choose for your different occasions. Following are the occasions where you can choose to wear the sultry style.

Romantic evenings:

This has to be the first occasion where you should be wearing sexy pieces because you never know when you get lucky. For the sex appeal, confidence and support down there, this is an ideal pair.

Regular wear:

Some thongs aren’t meant for regular use. However, there are those which are designed subtly to support and comfort throughout the day without making you lose your focus. The barely-there feeling will keep you on your toes.