HIV Effect Based on Socio-Economic Aspects

There are a variety of heavy pressures always faced by people with HIV. Socioeconomic conditions have always been a very serious threat. Treatment to get HIV drugs is not easy to do. Below are some hazard threats seen from the socio-economic aspect. By visiting Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery, you can do Singapore HIV Test.

The following is the effect of HIV on Social and Economic Aspects of Persecution:

1. Loss of Work

There are not many jobs specifically opened for people with HIV. This disease is still regarded as a disease that is easily transmitted through the air or other processes. In addition, people with HIV are not easy to get a job because it may be difficult to pass the health test. Many HIV sufferers end up having to quit their jobs and are unable to continue treatment.

2. Not Able to Activate

Various types of diseases caused by bacterial and viral infections become a major health constraint for people with HIV. They can easily become sick and can not perform various activities easily. That’s why people with HIV will feel very limited in carrying out work and other activities.

3. Not Accepted Environment

The social environment does recognise that HIV disease exists. But social attitudes toward people with HIV is still very minimal. Many sufferers end up living isolated because they are not accepted by the environment. Even many HIV sufferers find it difficult to return to their family or early environment. Although this attitude is not true there are still many big obstacles for people with HIV to return to a good environment.

Many people initially assume that this disease can be transmitted easily from the air or touch. But science continues to grow and finds that the danger of HIV can only be transmitted through fluid or blood contact. Some of the causes that make HIV transmission are like sexual contact or sexual intercourse, the use of syringes that switch from HIV patients to normal people, blood transfusions and all activities involving fluid contact from the body of HIV sufferers to healthy people.