HIV Danger for Sufferers Body

HIV AIDS has become a disease that makes the most frightening to the world. This contagious disease is caused by a viral infection that is Human Immunodeficiency. The virus will cause the patient’s body to have a weaker immune system. There are several stages or phases before HIV becomes AIDS in the body. As long as the virus has entered the body HIV will develop with various processes. You can get HIV Test Singapore by visiting Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery.

The scariest part is when HIV develops into AIDS. Patients will experience various health problems from mild to a severe stage. It takes a long time from the change of HIV infection to AIDS, but basically, there is no definite time for each patient. Patients with a good immune system may take longer than HIV infection to AIDS. Why is HIV disease so feared? Basically, this disease is very dangerous. The danger of HIV AIDS not only threatens the lives of the sufferers themselves but also others from the potential for large infections. The following are some of the dangers of HIV AIDS seen from various aspects.

Health conditions become the most attention from people with HIV AIDS. Although until now the cure for this disease has not been found, then actually certain types of drugs developed to maintain the condition of the patient. Below are some of the health hazards of HIV AIDS.

1. Tuberculosis (tuberculosis) infection

One of the biggest causes of death from people with HIV AIDS is TB or tuberculosis. This disease can be suffered by people with HIV AIDS due to infection of tuberculosis bacteria. The body of the patient will have a fever, cough bleeding, weakness and lack of power to perform light activities. This is the most common type of infection of people with HIV AIDS.

2. Herpes Infection

Herpes disease is very common but in people with HIV AIDS then the condition of this disease can become more severe. The virus will stay in the body of the patient so that when the immune system is weak then the infection can attack anytime. Infection is shown in herpes that appears on the skin and genitals. But people with HIV AIDS can face serious conditions when the virus has attacked the eyes, lungs, heart and digestive tract.